Friday, November 28, 2008

Year 10 camp! Off they go!!

At the end of next week parents will be collecting from school a bunch of really smelly and tired boys. It will be year 10 students being returned from their various camps. They are travelling far and wide across the South Island but also to islands further afield such as Stewart Island.

It is kind of a tradition here at King's that when the graduating year 13 students are asked about their most memorable moments at school they often say, "year 10 camp". The experiences the students have on camp are treasured for years, new friendships are forged, you get to see your teacher as a person rather than that guy at front of the class asking you if you've handed your assignments in. Camps are held in some of New Zealand's most choice places, so guys, have a great time. Take all the opportunities you get, try lots of new things and above all have a fantastic time!

These photos are from last year's camp on Stewart Island, staffed by Mr Kodyke, Mr Lindsay and Mrs Jopson.


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