Monday, November 24, 2008

Violence 101

As the end of the year looms, and the holidays beckon, I thought some suggestions for holiday style reading might be good!

You could try:

Violence 101 by Dennis Wright - the story of a boy who has a totally different take on the world compared to those around him, he can justify his crimes completely. He comes from a good home, he has been loved and looked after, and yet he has murdered, tortured and done some horrific things. He is sent to a series of 'corrective institutions'.
Hamish is intelligent, disciplined, resourceful and completely confident in his abilities, he despises weakness in himself and in others. He is a major fan of military heroes such as Charles Upham, Alexander the Great and Te Rauparaha, But he is also a fourteen-year-old with a severe problem with his anger and no conscience.
A gripping, fast read for all boys. The language is colourful but totally in keeping with the style of the book and the characters.
The story is written from the perspective of the diaries he writes and the essays he completes for the Principal. He has an interesting relationship with the staff, some of whom are against him and some who find him fascinating. This is a great story, set in New Zealand and very contemporary.
Want more like this - then try: Bernard Beckett, David Klass, or some of Fleur Beale's books.

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