Thursday, December 11, 2008

Schools' Out For Summer!

As the old classic song says - school is out for the summer here at King's. The students had their last day today. The staff will return tomorrow for farewells and a bit of fun.

Here is hoping for fine times, full sunshine, and fabulous stories to relate when everyone gets back after summer. I hope you have a safe and sound summer and I'm sure already you are looking forward to returning to King's in the new year!

I thought you might need to have some lists of fiction books to get from the public library while our library is closed.

Fantasy Readers:
Try Sara Douglass, Conn Iggulden, Terry Goodkind, Jim Butcher, Raymond E. Feist, Nancy Farmer, Tad Williams and Scott Westerfield.

Realistic Reads:
Try Des Hunt, Bernard Beckett, Vince Ford, Susan Pfeffer, Meg Rosoff, James Moloney, John Green, Fleur Beale

Mystery and Suspense:
Try Robert Harris, Anthony Horowitz, Malcolm Rose, Harlan Coben, Lee Child, Vanda Symon, Elizabeth George, Tess Gerritsen, Peter Robinson and Val McDermid

I don't want a big book but I want a good book:
Try: The boy in striped pajamas, by John Boyne, Once by Morris Gleitzman, Deadly Prospect by Fleur Beale, The Wind Singer by William Nicholson, How I live now by Meg Rosoff, Life as we knew it by Susan Pfeffer, Tales from Outer surburbia by Sean Tan, Michael Sweeney's Method by Sean Condon

Right till next post - there will be book reviews over summer
Happy and safe holidays
The Libraryqueen

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Library Stocktake

While year 10 frolic in the wilds, life in the library goes on. It is stocktake time and all the books must be accounted for. I am assisted this year by Mica, William and Stevie and today Matt has joined the crew. As you can see from the pics its really really hard work and no fun is allowed! The boys are totally impressed by Ms Schauman's choice of music and 'discussions' on the musical merits of her music are often to be heard!

All the books must be zapped with the brand new and very cool zapper. After zapping has taken place the books are being shifted so the the new carpet can go down. It's been a mission but we are nearly done.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Year 10 camp! Off they go!!

At the end of next week parents will be collecting from school a bunch of really smelly and tired boys. It will be year 10 students being returned from their various camps. They are travelling far and wide across the South Island but also to islands further afield such as Stewart Island.

It is kind of a tradition here at King's that when the graduating year 13 students are asked about their most memorable moments at school they often say, "year 10 camp". The experiences the students have on camp are treasured for years, new friendships are forged, you get to see your teacher as a person rather than that guy at front of the class asking you if you've handed your assignments in. Camps are held in some of New Zealand's most choice places, so guys, have a great time. Take all the opportunities you get, try lots of new things and above all have a fantastic time!

These photos are from last year's camp on Stewart Island, staffed by Mr Kodyke, Mr Lindsay and Mrs Jopson.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

After hours in the King's Library????

Library Book Dominoes!!

Well maybe this is what the staff get up to in the library when the students have gone home. Or maybe it is something Ms Schaumann found while casting around on You Tube. Perhaps its one of next years house competitions! Paste the link below into your browser.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New look for the library

It is with great excitement that we announce, the library will have new a new 'do' in the new year. New carpet for the books to sit on! This is just so cool, major event and the librarian is all of a lather with joy.

How bout this carpet!

Now to choose the colour, lots of the staff - and indeed some of the students have had some input. The job has been entrusted to the 'library queen' who will do her best to choose an appropriate covering for the floor. Suggestions welcome but probably ignored!

So the pressure is on. Lots of books to move and a stocktake beforehand.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Violence 101

As the end of the year looms, and the holidays beckon, I thought some suggestions for holiday style reading might be good!

You could try:

Violence 101 by Dennis Wright - the story of a boy who has a totally different take on the world compared to those around him, he can justify his crimes completely. He comes from a good home, he has been loved and looked after, and yet he has murdered, tortured and done some horrific things. He is sent to a series of 'corrective institutions'.
Hamish is intelligent, disciplined, resourceful and completely confident in his abilities, he despises weakness in himself and in others. He is a major fan of military heroes such as Charles Upham, Alexander the Great and Te Rauparaha, But he is also a fourteen-year-old with a severe problem with his anger and no conscience.
A gripping, fast read for all boys. The language is colourful but totally in keeping with the style of the book and the characters.
The story is written from the perspective of the diaries he writes and the essays he completes for the Principal. He has an interesting relationship with the staff, some of whom are against him and some who find him fascinating. This is a great story, set in New Zealand and very contemporary.
Want more like this - then try: Bernard Beckett, David Klass, or some of Fleur Beale's books.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The First Post - fanfare please!

Welcome to the King's High Library Blog. At long last this is a happening thing. It is hoped that you (our community of students and those who care for them) will be able to be kept up to date on all manner of things library via this miracle of technology.

Hopefully you will find book reviews, information about new books coming into the library, new resources of many kinds, and also because I am the Careers Advisor some stuff about careers, scholarships and the like as well.

Hopefully this is useful to distribute information, to get feedback from you. In the meantime bear with me while I get this up and running.

aka The Library Queen


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